2D Digital Techniques · Waves & FX

This week's 2D Digital Technique's task was to produce a short animation using at least two different nature elements (fire, electricity, water or smoke) to explore how 2D special effects and waves work. I found animating waves hard in the beginning but once I understood how they behave it …
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Principles of Animation · Weight

In the second week of Principles of Animation, we were asked to experiment with objects falling to the ground in order to work with their weight. In my case, I chose a teacup, an apple and a mobile phone. The first one was done traditionally and the rest were done using TVPaint.

Although this clas…
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Stop-Motion Animation · Archive

For week 1 in Stop-Motion Animation, we were asked to create an archive; a digital summary of my research and tangents. An archive has to be a collection of all that informs my work: readings, writing, anecdotes, etc. in order to map the connection between ideas and document my projects.

This is on…
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2D Digital Techniques · Week 1: Loops

Last week I had my first 2D Digital Techniques class in which we were taught how to use a software called TVPaint, which I turned out to like a lot. I feel more comfortable using it in comparison to Adobe Animate as I find it more user-friendly.

The task we had to present to all of our classmates y…
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Toolkit 2 · Check-in Submission

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Party On, Kaiju! · Character Design Bible

Party On, Kaiju! by on Scribd
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Character Design · Weekly Tasks

Weekly Tasks by on Scribd
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Collaboration · Reflective Statement

Thanks to the Collaboration project I've had the chance to learn from other people as well as from myself. It gave me an idea of how important professionalism is and it gave me a taste of how is like to work in a group, surrounded by other artists.

During the project, I made an effort to presen…
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Character Design · Production Bible

In week 9 of Character Design, Justin told us how to start making our production bibles and gave us a random theme to practice.

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Time & Storytelling · Run Lola Run Review

Run Lola Run is a 1998 German thriller written and directed by Tom Tykwer. It narrates the story of a woman named Lola who needs to get 100,000 marks in 20 minutes in order to save her boyfriend's life.

The film was positively received by the critics and competed for the Golden Lion in the Veni…
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Archetypes & Storytelling · Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Film Review

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, is an American animated adventure film released in 2003 by DreamWorks. It was directed by Patrick Gilmore and Tim Johnson and written by John Logan.

The film tells the story of the pirate Sinbad in his journey to recover the lost Book of Peace from Eris, the goddes…
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